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Himalayas, Formosa, Indonesia

Himalayan tea is produced in the style of Darjeeling, except produced at a lower altitude and in a different national border, but in the neighboring region.

Formosa-now known as Taiwan-is famed for its Oolong tea.  Oolong, which means Black Dragon, is a blend of Black and Green teas.  The young leaves unfold, showing slight fermentation, yielding a peachy, aromatic tea.  Fancy Oolong, which comes from the First Flush around end of April.

Indonesian tea, specifically Java teas, were some of the first teas brought to Europe in the 17th century.  Therefore, they have a unique place in the Western tea drinking world.  These teas from July to October resemble Ceylon teas.  Sumatran teas, the other available variety, is a less uniform variety of plain medium quality of tea.

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