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Och, that’s guid tea! Upton’s Scottish Breakfast Blend

May 20, 2011

Today’s Tea: Scottish Breakfast Blend by Upton Tea

Steeped, highlands style, by: caclob

It’s 6:45 a.m.  I went to bed at 1 a.m.  and have been doing so for the last week.  Despite the bright summer sunlight streaming into my room, I’m much too tired to try and get up.  Finally, knowing that I have to catch the bus to get to work on time, I force myself through my morning routine.  Bleary eyed, I plop down at my desk.  Staring at my booting computer, I know what I need: tea–preferably strong.

For a Christmas present from a friend who knows me quite well, I received a $20 gift certificate to Upton Tea.  This lovely present means sample time!  Upton offers almost, if not all, of their teas in small samples (around 15 grams).  These are usually $1-2 and let you try a lot of new teas without huge commitment.  I’ve been doing this for years, discovering or risking my taste buds on new teas. So, with this batch I bought the Scottish Breakfast Blend (which I think used to be named just Scottish Blend).  It’s a great breakfast tea, because it steeps quickly.  I don’t think it technically is a CTC tea, but the small little little tea leaves unfurl quite quickly.

After steeping for about 3 minutes, you get a beautiful dark tea. The scent is malty like an Assam, but the mix of Ceylon and Yunnan found inside of it give it an extra kick that might not be found in just a normal Assam.  I also normally drink Assams and Breakfast teas with milk, but with this tea there just isn’t any need.  It’s smooth, and yet, still quite strong. Even if you oversteep it (because, hey, you aren’t quite awake yet either), it’ll still work out quite nicely.  10-15 minutes later, I’m happily working away, still sipping the remnants of my tea, looking a lot perkier than I did before.

Overall, this tea is perfect in the morning.  It has a nice gentle caffeine kick with a brilliant flavor.  Just realize, since it’s a small leaf tea, you might get a fair share of little tea leaves at the bottom of your cup.  If that bugs you, you might want to use a really fine mesh tea strainer.

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