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When Earl Grey Plays Dress Up: Earl Grey Bluestar

April 18, 2011

Today’s Tea: Earl Grey Bluestar from Chash Tea

Steeped by: caclob

I received a few free samples from Chash Tea after my first order.  Included was this lovely smelling Earl Grey.  This Earl Grey is a mix of Chinese and Indian black teas, with the usual bergamot oil and some blue flowers, which I assume give it its name.

I’ve professed my love for Earl Grey several times (here and here), so trying a new one is always a nice challenge.  Because of the citrus oil from the bergamot, you often have to be careful, otherwise you end up with a cup of undrinkable perfume.  This challenge is usually quite rewarding if you pay attention to it.  But if you are an absent-minded or lazy tea drinker, you can definitely ruin a few cups out of negligence.  This small sample was enough for a cup of tea and gives me the chance to tell you a bit about it.This Earl Grey is light, actually.  I at first precision steeped it, because of some steeping gone awry.  It wasn’t quite strong enough for me then, so I then just let it steep in the style of realgoodtea (one of the authors on this blog).  In other words, I forgot about it.  When I came back to the tea, I was terribly afraid I would have a mug of perfume on my hands.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lightly fragrant black tea.  Even with the accidental oversteeping, it wasn’t ruined.

If you are a classic Earl Grey drinker (“Earl Grey–Hot”, as we geeks might quote), you probably enjoy that heady aroma of bergamot oil and the precision steeping.  This tea might not be the one for you then.  If you want to try a light Earl Grey, or are an open-minded non-Earl Grey drinker, this might be a good cross-over tea.  Or, if you are like realgoodtea and forget about your tea while you are working, this might also fit your bill.  This one really depends on what you personally prefer in your Earl Grey.

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