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Tea That Stands Up Against a Morning Fry-up

April 1, 2011

Today’s Tea: English Breakfast Tea by Chash

Drunk with milk, no sugar by: caclob

The tea world is a monstrous place: so many companies, so many tea types, so many variations. A friend of mine somehow (still not sure about the details) found Chash Tea while watching a football game.  Since he knows about my love of tea and interest in finding new companies, he passed the info on to me.  I had recently finished my previous English Breakfast Tea, so I needed a new strong black tea for my work day.  While Chash Tea’s new website has its limitations, the tea was quickly ordered and even shipped to the right country (which is always an issue when your billing address is extremely different from the shipping address).

When my package arrived with the tea inside, I was pleasantly surprised to see the foil pouch.  The use of foil pouches isn’t weird in its own right (Upton Tea also uses foil), nor is the use of a zip-close bag unusual (Boston Tea used clear zip bags for samples), but I was impressed by the use of re-sealable foil pouches.  I always transfer my teas to airtight, light-proof containers to make sure that I get the best flavor as long as I can.  But, as anyone who’s ever had to buy one of these containers knows, such containers aren’t that cheap or that easy to find, so the little extra quality packaging is a definite plus for me!

Let’s get down to the tea now.  The tea is definitely a good, solid English Breakfast Tea.  I find that a good English Breakfast Tea has to be able to handle a fry-up.  A full breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage, black pudding, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, toast, tomato, and who-knows-what-else has to have a tea that actually makes its flavor still known despite the heavy foods.  The very savory ingredients need a savory tea to complement it; a too weak of a tea will simply be like hot water with milk against those foods.  For those of you who drink wine, it’s like drinking a red wine with steak rather than a white–you simply need the stronger flavor.

English Breakfast Tea is also one of the few teas that I add anything to.  The tea simply needs a bit of creaminess from milk to help bring out all of its flavors (still no sugar though).  This tea steeps well and creates a really nice dark liquor after a few minutes.  The leaves can also be reused, with the second steeping still being pretty flavorful.

I see that Chash has a lot of other teas available, and since I like the foil bags, I’m definitely going to get some more teas to see if they stack up as well as this one did against other tea companies.

Conclusion: The English Breakfast Tea is now a staple of my tea collection. Give this new company a go! You might have to e-mail your order instead of using the website if you want to try a couple of teas, but the effort is worth it.

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