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Mum’s The Word

March 1, 2011

Today’s Tea: Instant Chrysanthemum Tea and Instant Plum Tea from Bird Pick Tea & Herb
Picked and Pecked by: sakurae

One cold and crisp night, I went to meet a friend who was doing inventory at a store of the company she worked for and of course, it was a tea store that I hadn’t been to yet! Bird Pick has an adorable pair of birds illustrated by Cindy Chau (of course as my friend, she is awesome LOL) as the mascots of an Asian-themed tea company and growing chain of stores in the Southern California area.  Since I was looking for more herbal teas for the colder evenings of winter, I happened upon the samples of  Instant Chrysanthemum Tea with Honey and Instant Plum Tea with Honey.

Now, I approached these two samples with a bit of trepidation. I knew I would love the chrysanthemum from previous purchases of Chinese chrystanthemum tea but I wasn’t so sure about the plum. I have a love/hate relationship with the tart and sour levels as they vary from tea brand to brand and I find the older I become, the less I can handle the sour taste of Asian plum flavors. Turns out this was the perfect solution because the instant packets include honey and sugar to tone down the tart sours without taking away the rich plum taste, and at $5 a box, you really can’t go wrong in having pre-sweetened tea. It’s a rarity for me to link sweeteners in tea but it works very well for these two teas.

Conclusion: I found these two great instant herbal teas you can drink and pick based on strength of flavors since the Chrysanthemum is a very light tea as I find it much like Chamomile tea while Plum is recommended for the bolder flavor without the sucker punch of tart. Watch out for the unsweetened kind, they’ve got a mean left hook!

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