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First I was like, whoa.

November 29, 2010

Today’s Tea: Earl Grey with Lavender by The Pacific Place Tea Garden Cafe Hawaii
Liberally Whoa!ed by: sakurae

Then I was like WHOA!

Then I was like …whoa.

Welcome to my review of The Pacific Place Hawaii Tea’s Earl Grey with Maui Lavender.

And yes, I was watching Finding Nemo before I wrote this review. Crush the Sea Turtle just seemed like the perfect voice to channel for this smooth Earl Grey with some rigtheous Lavender from a beautiful island. I received this tea a while back as a birthday gift from wonderful friends Kitsy and KimonoStereo of Nemu-Nemu webcomic purveyors of cute and natives of the tropical islands. As fellow Cute Stuff™ connoisseurs, we share of a love of many things which includes good beverages!

On first taste, smooth rich flavors of the traditional Earl Grey comes to mind but soon the subtle addition floral lavender seeps through as described on the box label. The light note, as they call it, seems to be a perfect blend with the perfumed Bergamot. I previously had a rocky relationship with Earl Grey teas but I later realised it was because I hadn’t had GOOD Earl Grey before. My previous experience had been with lesser quality teas which can overpower and leave you with unfavorable first impression (or in my case, second and third).

This Earl Grey lives up to the promise of being a refreshing yet well-blended twist on the classic version by adding the hints of lavender and soothes on a suddenly unusual cold winter day in Sunny Southern California. Even we get chilly sometimes and a good cuppa in this chilly air is worth the cold, as brief as it is out here on the West Coast of the US of A. This is why I like my teas to be versatile for hot or cold and I’m sure given the region the tea company is located, it’s going to be just as good cold.

Conclusion: And then we were like, whoaaaaaaaa 🙂

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  1. Allison permalink
    December 11, 2010 12:39 am

    This was such a cute review! The tea sounds delicious… what an amazing combination, earl grey and lavender.

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