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Journey with Jasmine

September 25, 2010

Today’s Tea: Jasmine by Boston Tea Co.

Enjoyed by: caclob
Jasmine, a flower meaning “a gift from God,” is combined with tea to form a flowery, fragrant, but still full-bodied tea known as Jasmine Tea.  The tea used is either green tea or oolong, and both having their fans and nay-sayers.

Today’s tea from the Boston Tea Co. is a green tea jasmine, placing the two ingredients side-by-side.  Smelling of flowers and grass and steeping to perfection, this tea is a necessary staple in everyone’s tea collection. 

This tea is a green tea, which requires a lower steeping temperature (75˚c/180˚F) for a steep time of about 8 minutes.  The tea steeps to a lovely dark yellow liqueur.  With every sip, the flower scents waft up and spread out through the nose, enticing your taste buds.  The light grassy nature of the green tea helps mellow out the floral nature, ensuring that it’s not like drinking potpourri.

I started with 2 oz. of this tea almost one month ago, yet I’m almost out.  This is such a perfect tea.  I just can’t find the words for how amazing it is.  Totally recommend it!

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