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Sencha: Tea and Sushi

September 10, 2010

Today’s Shop: Sencha Tee & Sushi in Berlin, Germany

Devoured by: caclob

Goodtea and I were recently in Berlin, as a mix of business and pleasure, so we had some time to go and relax in the great streets of Berlin.  For those who don’t know Berlin, there are a number of large and dramatic streets around the city.  Kurfürstendamm, or Ku’damm, is one of those large dramatic shopping streets, starting off with the obligatory H&M and increasing in price up through Tommy Hilfiger to Dior.  A shopping avenue with a bit of something for everyone, it’s a great place to people watch.  Since goodtea and I were staying at a little hotel off the main road, we had a great opportunity to wander down the road.  In Germany, in any city essentially, you can find a TeeGschwendner.  The spotting of the shops has become somewhat of a game for the two of us.  Almost immediately after leaving our hotel, we spotted the first shop of the day, and it had a unique addition.  This was a tea shop that also served sushi.  Since it was a bit after lunch time, and goodtea and I hadn’t eaten properly yet, we decided to stop in and have lunch.

We decided to order the Love Set, since I desperately wanted Unagi (eel) sushi and we loved the thought of a big sampler of sushi.  It was reasonably priced at one piece being slightly under €1.

Love Set Sushi

For our meal in a tea shop, we had to have tea as well.  Goodtea ordered a Tamaryokucha, which there will probably be a review of later by her, and I ordered a Genmaicha.  For a whole pot of tea for only about €4.50, we both had plenty of time to savor and enjoy.  The tamaryokucha was perfectly paired with the sushi with it’s lovely fresh green tea taste and light almost pineapple-like scent.  My genmaicha with its roasted rice was a stronger flavor that worked fantastically with the unagi.

Avocado plants

The sushi was acceptable, but not brilliant.  It was worth the price, I would say.  The tea was definitely the star of the meal, which should be expected at a tea shop that just happens to serve sushi.  The atmosphere was clean and minimalistic, with nice little avocado plants on the windows looking down onto Ku’damm.  The people watching was pretty good, with the interesting mix of tourists, rich little old ladies, and young teenagers shopping.

I think, next time I’m in town, I plan on stopping by again for a nice lunch and a great cup of tea.

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