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Assam Mangalam: Not Flush with Success

September 3, 2010

Today’s Tea: Assam Mangalam by TeaGschwendner

Steeped by: caclob

I’m a fanatical drinker of TeaGschwendner’s East Frisian Blend, which is a dramatic second flush Assam.  I tell all my friends about it and regularly force them to drink it when they are at my place.  So when I saw that TeaGschwendner had a different second flush Assam, I jumped on the chance to try a new tea.  So off I went from the store, and at my first chance, I went off and steeped it.  And steeped it…and steeped it.

Like almost all black teas, I steeped it for 5 minutes, so I could avoid letting those really bitter tannins out into my delicious tea.  And I tried it….and then let it steep some more.  I think in the end it was about 15 minutes of steeping time total for this tea to develop any flavor.  I was really disappointed that this tea never really got anywhere.  The flavor was just weak the entire time.  Maybe I got a bad batch, with some older tea.  However, first impressions are important.  It had none of the “creamy” notes or the cocoa taste that the description promised.  Plus at the price of around $30 per 100 grams it’s awfully pricey for something not that yummy.

Conclusion: This tea is not really worth the money, and it isn’t a cheap buy.  It’s a weak tea that doesn’t answer it’s promises.  I think I’ll stick with my lovely East Frisian Blend instead.

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