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To the Tower with ye!

August 17, 2010

Today’s Tea: Tower of London by Harney & Sons
Recent Escapee: sakurae

It’s been quite a while and you can see where I’ve been. FREEDOM! FREEDOM!

Lucky for me, I’m not one of the unfortunate souls who were locked away in the Tower of London for which this tea was named. Alas, I was in a very different sort of tower prison but I digress.

I find it very odd to find such a delicious tea of stone fruits such as Nectarines and Peaches along side fine tea leaves to have such a scary namesake. We all know the stories of Henry VIII and his six not-so-merry wives, two of whom were beheaded at the Tower. Who knew the Tower also had a refreshing tea made in the name of the Tower as well! I have a hard time associating delightful stone fruit black tea with Chopping Block Party Central.

Tower of London Blend is part of the Historic Royal Palace line of tea created exclusively for this fortress along with Hampton Court Palace, the Banqueting House, Kensington Palace and Kew Palace in the United Kingdom. Harney & Sons created this line for the HRP, an independent charity not supported by the Crown. I picked up this particular blend while visiting Hampton Court as I tend to like fruit-based teas, though not necessarily herbal.

After reading the descriptions of each HRP tea, I decided Tower of London Blend best suited me. I love peaches and nectarines and usually prefer a good black tea in the mornings. Standard teas can be boring so the stone fruits promised a nice addition to the tea leaves. It still had that perfect amount of flavor even when my guilty habit of leaving the bag in too long darkens to tea to a murky cuppa. I only bought a sampler tin of five sachets and was quite regretful about that decision after the first cup. It was a perfect tea without overpowering the fruit flavors in a cloying way and required no sugar as far as I was concerned. It was as fragrant as it was delicious and thankfully did not taste manufactured in the fruit ingredients as some other teas can be.

Conclusion: Thankfully the website provides the tea to the rest of the world which is a good thing as my tastebuds would have cursed me for coming back with only that sampler tin from the UK instead of a full tin. If I couldn’t find it easily online, it’s the only time I’d willingly go back to the Tower for a taste of this tea again. So long as I can get myself right back out as soon as I buy the tea, of course. I’ve seen the living conditions in there as well as the Not-Living. Brrrr.

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