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Equipment: This Tea Cup is FORLIFE

August 17, 2010

Today’s Cup: Curve Asian Style Tea Cup by FORLIFE

Sipped by: caclob

Nothing says simple pleasure like drinking a nice, hot cup of tea from a mug.  The warm ceramic, the smooth surface, and of course the tea are one of life’s simple, but greatest pleasures.  While I have my thermos with infuser for my commute and morning rush, sometimes I have time at home to enjoy my favorite steep.  Recently, I acquired the the Curve Asian Style Tea Cup made by the FORLIFE company.

The cup is without a handle, setting it apart from all my other mugs in my cupboard.  Instead, a simple rubber grip around the middle of the cup allows you to hold your tea confidently.  An good design feature is that the rubber grip protects you from the scorching heat of a freshly brewed cup of tea.  In addition, and I hope this was done on purpose, is that the rubber still transmits some of the heat through, so when it’s nice and comfortable to hold the grip after a few minutes of cooling down, you know the tea is also at a comfortable drinking level.

The cup comes with an infuser, which is not a mesh, but rather a solid metal with fine holes in it.  The filter is small enough that my rooibos doesn’t fall through, but can also handle my large loose leaf Assams.  When pouring the water in the cup, the top of the filter lines up with a comfortable drinking level as well, so you don’t have to worry about filling the filter to some random height to get a nice, big cup of tea.  The infuser handle can get a bit warm after steeping, but since you probably aren’t going to hold it for too long, it’s manageable.

The cup also comes with a lid.  The lid serves the dual function of keeping your cup of tea protected and slightly more insulated while drinking, but also as a perfect rest for your recently steeped tea filter.

The tea cup and the filter handles the dishwasher well, like most modern mugs, so clean-up is even easier.  Also, it works just fine in the microwave.

Conclusion: The tea cup is a really nice tea mug with the infuser and lid.  For about $20, it might not be the cheapest way of making your small sip of heaven, but as a present for a friend (or yourself), it’s a great gift.  I love mine and really recommend it.

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