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Lemon Tea Gourmand

April 12, 2010

Today’s Tea: Gourmet Herbal Tea by TeaGschwendner

Absorbed by: caclob

Currently, I have a somewhat awful cough, probably brought about by the spring allergies.  In other words, I have the perfect excuse to drink lots and lots of herbal tea.  I mentioned in my last post that I had gotten tea from my grandmother.  I also got this sample Gourmet Herbal Tea.  So, what makes it gourmet? It’s a mix of lemon grass, Lemon-Myrtle bits, elderberry blossoms, and vanilla bean pieces.  Since the first two ingredients are lemony, there can be no doubt that’s what the tea smells like in the bag. 

I previously had written about Lemon-Myrtle in this piece, mentioning that you had to be careful with it to not end up having tea that tested like a molten cough drop.  This Gourmet Herbal tea takes the edge off of the lemon-myrtle, but not weakening the flavor.  The lemon grass makes sure that it’s still has those citrus notes, but the elderberry blossoms and vanilla bean pieces round out the flavor a little more by adding a little more depth.  I steeped this tea for 10 minutes, and it was still completely drinkable and enjoyable.  If I had done that with just a lemon-myrtle tea, I would have been utterly disgusted by the cloying taste.

Conclusion: This Gourmet Herbal tea is a solid lemony tea, that can take a beating and still comes out with a subtle notes that make the tea really enjoyable.  Even while hacking up a lung….

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