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Warm and Cozy tea

April 8, 2010

Today’s Tea: Heiß & Innig by TeaGschwendner

Slurped by: caclob

I spent the Easter break with my family, which as always, means loads of food and being utterly lazy.  Fittingly, my grandmother gave me a bag of TeaGschwendner’s Heiß & Innig, translated meaning something like Warm and Cozy.  The US branch of TeaGschwendner doesn’t have this exact one on sale right now, but I think that’s because this was a left-over of the winter teas, rather than anything particularly exotic or German. It’s a fruit tea, made of apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, rosehip petals, elderberries, dried raspberry, strawberry pieces, strawberry leaves, and vanilla pieces. As always, the hibiscus in it makes me extremely wary, as my open distaste for it can be found in most of my fruit tea reviews.

One teaspoon of it, steeped for about 5 minutes (I’m afraid I wasn’t too careful with my timing), yielded a pretty pink tea, with a scent almost reminiscent of raspberry gelatine.  It smells of a fruit tea.  There’s nothing that would make this a darker drink, but despite the floral nature, the tea isn’t overwhelmingly perfume-like.  The hibiscus isn’t overwhelming either, with only a hint of it.  I first tried it unsweetened, then with rock-candy sugar added. Honestly, it didn’t make much of a difference in the taste.

Overall, the tea was nice, and it does live up to its name of Warm and Cozy.  I can handle the hibiscus, so I’ll keep it around for when I do want a fruit tea.

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