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Eggpunch Tea? What on earth?

March 28, 2010

Today’s Tea: Rooitea Eierpunsch by TeaGschwendner

Partied with: caclob

I know Eggnog is a holiday drink, and one I’m personally not a huge fan of.  I love the smell, but can’t ever make myself drink it.  In the Germanic countries, there is a sort of equivalent drink, but made with red wine instead of cream (recipe here).  It’s called Eierpunsch, or in other words, Eggpunch.  It’s a sweet drink, but otherwise quite similar to Eggnog.

Here in Switzerland, TeaGschwendner is still a relatively new franchise, but since I’ve been to it many times in Germany, I knew what I was looking for.  I had to go to the store to get some of the lovely China Rose Tea for a friend, so I sniffed what they had in the store and found this lovely smelling Rooibos Egg Punch tea.

The drink is described really in terms of its smell, which is quite exquisite.  The sweetness from the rooibos definitely peeks through, but the sweet alcoholic punch smell is the main olfactory note.  Also, a strong vanilla scent is also detectable.

Like most TeaGschwendner teas, the rooibos after steeping for 5 minutes is unfortunately a bit weak.  The glorious scent is still present after steeping, so it makes it a nice tea to smell and take sips of.  I brought a thermos of the tea to a class and when I opened it, the whole room was infused with this wonderful vanilla smell.

Overall the tea is nice, and while the smell is great, the actual flavor while drinking is a little lacking.

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