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Arabian Nights ‘neath Arabian Moons

February 26, 2010

Today’s Tea: Arabian Night by TeaGschwendner

Enjoyed 1001 times by: goodtea

As the TeaGschwender website says, “[j]asmine, sunflower and rose enchant your senses” in this tea.  The package itself describes the flavor as “flowery – fruity.” No false advertising here!

The Arabian Night blend is based on a mix of green and black teas, which look quite lovely with the pink rose petals and yellow sunflower petals mixed in.  The scent of the dry tea is redolent of strawberry–perhaps that’s the “natural flavor” vaguely included in the list of ingredients? It certainly reminds me of some of TeaGschwender’s strawberry-flavored teas…

The instructions say to infuse this tea in boiling water for a mere two minutes. I expected a weak tea as a result, but the resulting cup is a lovely gold-green with a warm, earthier, strawberry aroma and a hint of floral undertones.  The taste is fuller than I expected. It’s naturally sweet, perhaps from all the flowers, yet has a subtle vegetal undertone from the green tea. The black tea seems to give this blend some solidity and depth that is often lacking in flavored green teas.

It’s the kind of tea that I like to sip slowly, pondering all the different layers of flavors, but it’s still quite light and mild.  It’s a very soft, smooth, almost silky tea with an enticing aroma that envelopes you in an atmosphere of relaxation and secret indulgence–quite appropriate, given the tea’s name!

I would be very careful about oversteeping this tea, because the green tea in the boiling water is bound to go bitter very quickly and ruin the cup. I might try this tea again sometime with a lower water temperature more appropriate for green tea and see how that changes the flavor profile.

Overall, I found this to be a surprisingly solid and intriguing tea blend that’s mild enough to drink in the afternoon or evening. I’m not the biggest fan of flavored teas, but I found this one to be quite captivating indeed.

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