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Equipment Review: Thermos Nissan Tea Thermos with Infuser

October 19, 2009

Today’s tool: Thermos Nissan Tea Thermos with Infuser

Used by: caclob

Tea drinkers don’t always have time to sit around their parlors savoring their imports in delicate china (or like me, don’t have a parlor nor china).  In the morning, I sprint to make my tea and slowly savor it during the morning after I’ve finished my commute.  It’s a thing of ritual for me, but not in the Victorian traditional sense of having the ceremony and time.  I just enjoy mulling things over with a good cup of Assam or Earl Grey.

I used to infused my tea in a cup or a bowl with a strainer and then pour that into a thermos.  However, as anyone can realize, this is a horrible idea if you are in a rush, plus it means even more dishes to clean.  It worked, but was pretty slow and tedious.  I couldn’t steep and go.  I went through the internet to find a nice thermos that I could brew my tea in.  I found this thermos on Amazon, and man, was that a good idea. 

It’s a steel thermos, so it can take the abuse that I do throw at it every day.  On the outside is some sort of coating, but unfortunately that does peel off, but that doesn’t affect the inside at all.

The inside is where this little thermos completely excels.  If you’ve ever owned an actual Thermos thermos, you’ll know these things keep it HOT for hours.  I still burn my tongue 2 hours later if I keep the lid closed.  That’s fantastic heat retention.  Makes it feel much more like freshly steeped tea than the lukewarm stuff that’s just been sitting out.  The only quibble here is that the tea is only about one large mugs worth of tea.  Sometimes I want to cups of tea, and that means that I have to go brew another cup, which makes it a thermos design for the savorer, not the addict.

In terms of the actual infuser, it swaps out with the drinking lid.  This means that you cannot drink the tea easily while steeping, which probably is actually a good thing.  The thermos lid does close over the infuser, so if you have no time to stand around and wait for it to steep, that’s okay.  You can steep on the go.  You can just toss the used leaves out on your way.  Then you screw the drinking lid on, and then enjoy.  The seal is really tight if you don’t overfill the thermos.  If the water comes out of the drinking hole in the lid, it will leak.  So don’t try and overfill it.

In terms of pricing, it’s between $20 – $30, depending on sales, etc.  It comes with a lifetime warranty, but I haven’t tested this out yet, fortunately.  I’ve used it for over a year now, so I’ve learned how this thing truly behaves.  I recommend it completely and find it a great addition to my tea drinking habit.
Bonus feature: I find the tea infuser can also be used separately as a mug infuser without any problem.

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  1. November 8, 2009 9:53 am

    Whoa. Lifetime warranty. That often denotes a pretty good product. And it’s not a bad price for all that either. Definitely not.

  2. goodtea permalink*
    November 26, 2009 5:17 pm

    I have this thermos, too, and while it’s showing a little bit of wear and tear now (after 18 months of daily use), it’s incredibly durable and does keep my tea warm all day. It’s amazing.

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