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It’s the little things

August 5, 2009

Tea Time provided by: Little People’s Tea by My Cup of Tea

Sipped by: sakurae

I received some samples from with the cutest packing geared toward children and connoisseurs of cuteness (the category that I fit under ) with tea that produces a vibrantly colorful red color. It’s even fun to look at from a not-so-little-people point of view as the tea seeps immediately into a steaming rosy liquid.

The scent of strawberries immediately rises as the tea steeps but I found it difficult to taste the ‘cream’ portion of the tea. It makes a very good introduction to tea for children without affecting them with caffeine and the tea makes a refreshing cup when seeped lightly. It does have a tendency to become too tart for my tastes when seeped to a darker red but as goodtea noted, a sweetener would alleviate that problem or more water added to the tea.

I don’t usually drink many herbal teas due to the tendency for herbals to become too tart for my tastes but this was a very good start to a future in tea sampling for children and just to provide a comforting cup to anyone who would like to just enjoy the day and have a happy little strawberry treat.

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