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My Cup of Tea Brings Back Childhood Memories

August 4, 2009

Today’s tea: Little People’s Tea by My Cup of Tea

Playfully imbibed by: goodtea

When I was a child, the kindergarten I attended always had a fresh pot of herbal “tea” ready for the children to drink. Our teacher would announce the day’s tea, not by naming its ingredients, but by describing the part of the body it benefitted the most. Thus we spent our days at school drinking “Tummy Tea” and “Throat Tea” and what have you. Decades later, I still remember the flavor of an intense infusion of chamomile as I sat at a kids-sized table with a kids-sized cup of warm tea in my little hands.

So when My Cup of Tea sent me some samples of their tea made especially for children, I was rather delighted. It’s never too early for kids to start enjoying tea, and it’s one of those activities the whole family can enjoy, which makes me wonder why more tea companies don’t market tea for children. But enter My Cup of Tea.

A glance at their website will show you a special “Kids Zone” introducing Pipin, a purple elephant who loves tea. The elephant logo on the tea is adorable, and the small stuffed animal would make a great gift (along with some tea, of course!).

Pipin’s favorite tea is, not surprisingly, the Little People’s Tea, which is supposed to taste like Strawberry Cream. The moment you open the brightly-colored, almost bon-bon shaped wrapper of the individually sealed tea bag, you can smell the tart but sweet scent of berries. It’s really like unwrapping a piece of candy.

The infusion is a lovely reddish-pink color and tastes of strawberries and hibiscus. It’s a very smooth flavor–perhaps that would be the “cream” coming through. Steep the tea for 3-5 minutes, depending on how sweet or sour you want it. I find 3 minutes produces a very mild, faintly sweet (if weak) flavor, while 5 minutes brings it much closer to the tart end of the spectrum. Perhaps a bit of sweetener is necessary if you steep it too long.

I will have to agree with caclob that the name of this particular blend is a bit unfortunate–it seems to be equating people of short stature, small children, and the young at heart–but naming problems aside, this tea can certainly be enjoyed by anyone. Steep it longer for an invigorating, fruity treat, or steep it for less time to enjoy a soothing, caffeine-free drink.

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