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I’m Not Little, I Swear! But I’ll Still Drink Kid’s Tea…

July 16, 2009

Today’s Tea: Little People’s Tea by MyCupofTea

Slurped by: caclob

Usually we here at Tea & Procrastination focus on loose teas, since they usually are of a higher quality than the dust that’s in Lipton tea bags. However, high quality tea bags do exist by what are sometimes called gourmet tea companies. MyCupOfTea sent us 3 bloggers at Tea & Procrastination samples of their children’s tea, a strawberry cream tea called Little People’s Tea. First impressions? If sweetened lightly or told that it has magical power (ask goodtea what I mean), little kids probably would love this tea.

The one thing that bugs me is the name: Little People’s Tea sounded to me a tea targeted at people affected by dwarfism.

The tea come nicely packed in individual bags to preserve the flavor.  The tea bags are the “crystal bags”, which are a synthetic fabric that apparently helps the tea brew, rather than the coffee filter/paper style bags. The tea is an herbal blend with strawberry chunks.  Also present are probably hibiscus and maybe rosehip.

After brewing for 5 minutes, I tried my first cup of this tea sans sugar.  The tea is a gorgeous red shade when steeped.  It’s somewhat astringent at first, a flavor I usually associate with hibiscus.  The tea was fine, but not something that I usually would associate with children, but more with holiday blends.  Since I got a free sample of this tea, I thought that I should probably give it another go.  I brewed it again trying it again without sugar, since I can’t abide sweet teas (despite the fact that I grew up in the South).  It was still a bit bitter, but a standard good quality herbal tea.  I even could stand the fact that there probably is hibiscus in it.

At this point I realized that I don’t really have the target audience’s tastes anymore, and my taste buds have evolved since I was a kid.  So I had to ask the one person I know who is as picky as a kid: my mother.  My mother hates sour and spicy foods, so I was wondering what her view of this tea would be, especially since I found it to be astringent.  She took one sip and said “Bitter!”  She promptly put a teaspoon of no-calorie sweetener in it.  “This is good!” she declared.  “It’s definitely strawberry!”

Since she liked it, I assume any child would as well.

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  1. July 30, 2009 5:58 am

    It’s too bad they make the marketing faux pas of seeming to appeal to the preferred term of “Little People” for those who aren’t tall instead of the young. Personally, I don’t agree with marketing herbal teas to young children anyway. I see no reason why the young shouldn’t drink real tea. Many parents allow their kids to have real chocolate at a quite young age, or colas and other unhealthy drinks like that. Why not real tea like parents in China for many years have allowed their children and even infants to have?

  2. goodtea permalink*
    August 4, 2009 7:11 pm

    I agree, the choice of the name is unfortunate.

    I remember drinking a lot of herbal tea as a child, but I only was allowed to have caffeinated soda and the like a few times a year, max, so in retrospect it made sense that I didn’t get much “real” tea as a kid. But as you said, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with having them drink regular tea, if they like it, since tea is so good for you.

    I think this Little People’s Tea might be a good way to get kids interested in tea generally, though. 🙂


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