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And All that I Can See is Just the Yellow Lemon Tea

April 25, 2009

Today’s tea: Lemon Green by Teavana

Giving energy to: goodtea

Ah, at last, the first days of warm weather are here! What could be better than a nice, peppy, citrus tea?

I received this tea as a gift, and it is quite delightful. Long leaves of green sencha tea are blended with even longer pieces of green lemongrass and bits of dried lemon peel. The dry tea smells nicely of earthy green tea and refreshing (surprise, surprise) lemon.

Some people on the Teavana site have complained that the tea is too bitter, but I’ve found that as long as the right water temperature is used, it can take a tiny little bit of oversteeping without ending up disgusting. The tea leaves can also be reused for at least a second cup without a loss of flavor. And you will surely go back for a second or third cup of this tea!

The energizing citrus scent with each sip is very natural, not artificial like some other flavored teas.  The lemon flavors don’t overpower the green tea at all. The lemongrass makes this tea very refreshing and smooth, and a mellow citrus note lingers at the end after the earthier green tea taste has passed. There’s a nice depth to this tea that makes it a rather satisfying drink.

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