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Melon Collie Less The Infinite Sadness

March 30, 2009

Today’s Tea: Melon Oolong by Lupicia Fresh Tea

Drained by: sakurae

Apparently I like drafting strange pun-like titles to my reviews.

Ah-hem. The last time I allowed myself to enter the store and purchase a new tea along with holiday gifts, I let my sense of smell do the choosing for me as the store allows you to smell each test cannister and ask the clerk for the tea of your choice. My eyes drifted over the infinite selection and I came upon the oolong area. I have an abundance of green and black teas at home and even more due to a generous number sampling gifts from goodtea so I decided a white or oolong would be my next purchase, and the lovely natural perfume of the melon oolong sealed the deal.

Melon Oolong is exactly as described with oolong tea leaves in little balls that will unfurl into huge leaves, making an unfiltered glass tea pot as the one I have at work look like it has a underwater seaweed colony inside of it with just a tablespoon’s worth!

With pieces of dried melon scattered amongst the leaves, the scent is so strong that it will perfume the immediate surrounding areas making it a success with both the tastebuds and the nose as an instant airfreshener. Who needs Glade when you can have melon tea scents floating about the room?

Being a typical Asian, I prefer my teas unsweetened and this is another one from Lupicia that requires none because of the fruit flavor being sweet enough though as a cold beverage, it would probably make for a great refresher on a hot day with a good meal.

Another glowing review from me and I’m begining to wonder if there’s anything  I won’t like from Lupicia, which makes it dangerous on the wallet.

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  1. goodtea permalink*
    April 5, 2009 5:17 pm

    I laughed at the title. 😀

    I tried one of the white teas you sent–something from Mighty Leaf with ginger and lemon myrtle in it? I forget the name, but it was delicious!

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