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(Almost) There: China Rose Tea

February 24, 2009

Today’s Tea: China Rose Tea by TeeGeschwendner/Tea Merchants

Daintily sipped by: caclob

I spent my entire summer last year in China, traveling throughout the entire country.  And as a tea afficianado, I of course enjoyed tasting all the different types of tea that the country had to offer.  I spent a month in the southwestern province of Yunnan, which is gorgeous on its own (Himalayas, people), but is home to some of the best tea I ever had.  I found my dream tea, which is a simple black tea grown next to a field of roses, so it’s naturally sweet and is highly reminiscent of roses without a single petal in the tea.  I loved this tea.  However, I don’t know when I can go back to China and buy more of this tea, so I carefully ration and preserve this tea.  I’m on the continual pursuit of the same tea without having to fly halfway across the world.

While going back to what I currently call home for Christmas, I stopped by a tea shop with goodtea, because we simply cannot walk past one without going in.  It was a new tea shop for us, so we were excited.  The lady probably thought we were annoying young people who had no appreciation for teas.  However, I asked the lady if she had a Chinese black tea that was reminiscent of roses.  She was surprised at my question, but quickly pulled out this tea.  It’s a close approximation of what the tea smells like, but it’s not quite the same.  This tea has actual rose petals in it, which provides the necessary rose flavor, but it’s a little sad that it isn’t quite what I was looking for.  Hoping that it would taste at least close, I went home and brewed it that day.

It’s a solid black tea that can definitely stand on its own.  The nice floral notes that come the tea add a nice freshness to the tea, that almost takes me back to China, but not quite.  The tea is slightly sweet naturally, so it really doesn’t need sugar or honey.  It can handle milk just fine.  I bet with tapioca pearls, it would make a nice, light bubble tea.

Conclusion: While it isn’t the dream tea I was looking for, it is a perfectly nice tea.  It makes a good tea for cakes or sweets, so consider for a tea party.  The rose petals are also pretty to look at.

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  1. July 14, 2009 6:20 pm

    I’m not sure if the rose scent would be too feminine for me as a man. But I’m intrigued by the fact that these tea leaves absorbed the rose aromas while they were growing and never needed to be infused with the scent in processing. It’s that terroir that’s so amazing.


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