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Rooibush Cream Caramel

February 23, 2009

Today’s Tea: Rooibush Cream Caramel by Tea Gschwendner

Enjoyed without guilt by: goodtea

Over the holidays, caclob and I stumbled across a little tea shop in Germany called Tea Gschwendner. We went in to inspect the goods and were pleasantly surprised by the wide selection. There were plenty of open tins to look at and sniff, and the staff gave us hot tea to sample. They were quite helpful in helping us find the tea we were looking for, but we could resist buying a random tea on a whim.

The impulse buy was the wonderful Rooibush Cream Caramel. The dry rooibos has its distinct red-brown color, and you can see bits of lighter caramel pieces as well. The scent is what convinced me to get this tea–it smells like pure, sweet caramel, with maybe just a hint of warm vanilla.  Absolutely decadent.

I like to steep my rooibos teas for about eight minutes, if not longer. (One of the many wonderful things about rooibos is that it will never turn bitter from oversteeping!)  Usually I’m quite impatient while I wait, but with this tea, I could just sit forever and enjoy the mouth-watering caramel aroma.

The taste is very smooth and nice, with a subtle nutty note.  The sweetness of rooibos goes well with the caramel flavor, but it’s not sugary or otherwise overpowering.  I actually like this tea the best when it’s cooled down a bit more, because the flavors seems to unfold the best then. Still, it tastes great hot, too.

Since rooibos is naturally sweet and caffeine free, Cream Caramel is a guilt-free pleasure. It’s perfect for when you’re trying to stave off a sugar craving or when you want a quick dessert after a big meal.

Conclusion: If you like walking into a bakery to smell the fresh baked pastries or want to feel like a kid in a candy shop again, you need to try Rooibush Cream Caramel.

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