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Holy Lemon Myrtle, Batman

February 23, 2009

Today’s Tea: Australian Lemon Myrtle by Upton Tea Imports

Slurped by: caclob

I haven’t really had any new teas in a while (a travesty, yes, I know), so I recently ordered a huge new sampler collection from a couple of companies.  One of the new teas I’ve received is the Australian Lemon Myrtle from Upton Tea.  Apparently this is one of the “it” teas, so I of course had to go and get myself a sample.  I opened the little bag and my first thought was “Holy Sh**, this is definitely lemon.”  The smell is definitely the most powerful tea I’ve ever smelt, even more the Extra Bergamot Earl Grey, which is an experience of its own.  It’s like smelling a lemon drop/lemon/orchard smashed up your nose, which, if you like lemon/citrus, is really awesome.   And this was even before I brewed it.

The actual taste of this tea was surprisingly fresh,  especially since I was definitely afraid it would taste like melted cough drops.  But it was safely light, with a definite lemon aftertaste.  Lemon Zinger style teas are generally considered a nice little tea to pick you up during your day.  However, they usually are just a hibiscus tea with some lemon grass and citric acid thrown it, and it tastes like that too.  (I personally detest hibiscus, but that’s for another post.)  This one doesn’t hide its lemony-ness.

I can imagine that too much of this tea could be a little hard to handle, but I’m definitely looking forward to blending it with some other teas to see if I can create a nice blend with a tea that needs that extra little kick.  Another thing to be cautious of is adding too much sweetener.  It really could end up in cough drop land if it’s made too sweet, so hold back on the sugar a little, and try it plain first.

Conclusion: An aromatic tea, the Lemon Myrtle is definitely the way to go to pep up your step with a nice herbal tea.  Be a little careful to not end up in cough drop land, but otherwise, it’s definitely a punchy little tea.


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