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Classic Earl Grey

February 1, 2009

Today’s Tea: Original Whole-leaf Earl Grey by Upton

Fancied by: goodtea

After my recent adventure with Russian-style Earl Grey, I had to get back to basics so I tried a sample of Upton’s Original Earl Grey. The name on the bag (which I bought last October) says “original whole-leaf” while the tea of the same number on the website no longer mentions whether it’s whole leaf or not. I hope they haven’t changed it, because this is straight up the BEST Earl Grey I’ve had. [Update: Upton confirms that the teas are the same, despite the website not having the same name as the text on the bag. I’ve bought a new batch and it’s as great as the sample was.]

From the first scent of the tea leaves to the wonderful warm aroma of the infused tea, you know this is an Earl Grey to be reckoned with. The bergamot is fresh and enticing, but definitely not too strong. It won’t make you want to sneeze or wrinkle your nose, unlike some Earls.

The flavor is excellent. It’s a refreshingly light tea, but it tastes deliciously black so that you don’t feel like the tea is all pomp and no substance. The balance between the citrus scent and the actual tea is absolutely spot-on for my tastes. I can’t get enough of this tea.

It holds up very well to milk, even soy milk, too. Next time I’m going to try vanilla soy milk and see if I can get it to approximate Starbuck’s London Fog latter. (All I need is to get my hands on some lavender and I’ll be set.)


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