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La Dolce Vita with Orange Dulce

December 14, 2008

Today’s tea: Orange Dulce by Mighty Leaf Tea

Humbly received by: goodtea

Ah, the lovely Orange Dulce. I received this as a gift and from the moment I opened the bag, a warm, flowery citrus aroma hit me. I almost want to use this tea as a potpourri, spreading that refreshing scent throughout the house, but that would be a terrible waste, because this tea’s flavor actually lives up to what its smell promises.Orange Dulce is flavored with orange (of course), vanilla, and jasmine.  It has a nice solid base of Ceylon and China teas that are smooth and light without being weak.  The orange and vanilla flavors come out quite strongly once infused, reminding me of orange creamsicles I ate as a kid.  It reminds me a little of that Rooibos Pretoria tea, though I guess Orange Dulce would be the big, powerful daytime citrus tea while Rooibos Pretoria is the more subtle, dreamy, flowery evening tea. (If you like one I definitely recommend the other.)

Orange Dulce is perfectly delicious straight, but I can see that adding some milk might make this taste even more like a dessert. I wouldn’t add any sweetener, as it’s already quite sweet on its own.

As an added bonus, the flowery orange-vanilla scent keeps radiating from your cup as you drink, so that you really don’t need any potpourri. It’s relaxing yet refreshing at the same time–perfect for when you want to de-stress a little but have to stay focused.

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