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Not All Peach Teas Are Created Equal…

December 12, 2008

Today’s teas: Momo and Momo Oolong Super Grade, both from Lupicia Fresh Tea

Compared by: goodtea

I love peaches, but peach-flavored tea can be rather hit or miss. But so can ordering two different teas from the same company. Dear co-blogger sakurae sent me some Momo Oolong as a gift, and I later got my hands on another peachy tea from Lupicia, the simple Momo.  I tried the Momo and was disappointed. Then I tried the Momo Oolong with a little trepidation, but thankfully it’s a much, much better tea.

What’s the difference?

Momo: This is black tea flavored with peach and blended with Japanese white peach leaves. It smells peachy out of the bag, but has a slightly musty undertone (which is not necessarily a bad thing). The peach scent isn’t terribly intense, though, so I didn’t expect this to be one of those teas that hits you like a perfume but then tastes bland.  Unfortunately, this tea lacks a strong peach flavor as well, so I felt let down on both counts.

The light peachy scent in the cup is very nice as you drink it, especially if you don’t want an overpowering smell coming from your tea, but the flavor has only the slightest hint of peachiness. You’re left with decent straight black tea, but for all the hype about peaches, I expected something more.  And if it’s just a plain, black tea I want, I can think of better alternatives, since I like mine stronger than this. Momo is probably better suited for people who prefer milder teas with subtle flavoring.

Momo Oolong: This tea is also flavored with Japanese peaches, but the base is a  Taiwanese oolong rather than a random black tea. Instead of leaves, you’ll find some pink blossoms mixed in. Like the Momo, the dry tea has a nice peach smell, but unlike the other tea, it’s missing the musty undertone, maybe because there are no peach leaves or maybe because it’s simply a better tea. What struck me upon comparing the smell of both teas dry was the fact that the Momo smells terribly artificial, while the Momo Oolong has a more natural peach scent.  Given the choice between peach-scented air freshener and the smell of freshly picked, sunwarmed peaches, I’ll take the latter, thank you.

As for flavor, I guess I shouldn’t compare an oolong and a black tea, but the oolong is light, refreshing, but flavorful. The peach taste comes through, so it doesn’t just tease you with a nice smell, but it’s not overwhelming. The unique taste of oolong certainly comes out.  (It’s been years since I had oolong.) Overall, this is a very mellow, relaxing tea, and given a choice between the Momo and the Momo Oolong, I definitely prefer the Momo Oolong.


I’d also like to note that Lupicia seems to be having some trouble using Google Checkout when you order online, so please avoid that method of purchasing things.  Their customer service department, although very friendly, seems to be in a complete disarray as the holiday season looms–you can’t even get a hold of anyone on the phone because the number redirects to a full voicemail box. Oops. I guess my payment problems will have to wait to be resolved until after the holidays.

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