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Rooibos Pretoria: Sweet Relaxation

November 21, 2008

Today’s Tea: Upton Tea Import‘s Rooibos Pretoria Blend

Enjoyed by: goodtea

Rooibos (or “red bush”) might be a bit of an acquired taste, since it has a distinct, slightly medicinal flavor, but it’s naturally caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants. Once you get used to its unique taste, you might well finds its natural sweetness and delightful woody/nutty flavor to be quite addictive. At least that’s what happened to me.

I like my rooibos straight, but recently I’ve started sampling some rooibos blends, like an amazing rooibos chai that my dear co-blogger caclob served me. Upton’s Rooibos Pretoria, however, stays closer to the original taste of pure rooibos but adds an elegant twist with bits of hibiscus, rose petals, blue mallow blossoms and sunflower petals.

The tea itself itself is beautiful to look at with the red-brown rooibos and the pink and blue flower petals mixed together. It needs to steep about 8 minutes, give or take, but then you’ll be delighted by its gentle flavors. The honeyed taste of rooibos comes through cleanly, but there’s a distinct note of vanilla, too. The distinct fragrance of rooibos is lightened by a floral scent. It’s really quite soothing and delicious.

The lingering vanilla taste and the natural sweetness makes this blend taste good with milk, too. No sugar needed. Drink this before bedtime to relax and unwind, and surely sweet dreams will follow.


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