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Teavana’s Earl Grey Decaf

November 2, 2008

Today’s tea: Teavana’s Earl Grey Decaf (not available online)

Brewed by: caclob

A fan of the semi-local tea company Teavana, and an even bigger fan of Earl Grey tea, I decided to try their decaf version in an attempt not to become addicted to caffeine.  I love bergamoth oil, and the floral scent of a good Earl Grey is hard to beat.

I was excited about this tea, but after brewing it, I was disappointed.

The tea was freakishly bitter.  I rarely add sugar to my teas, but this one needed it badly. The bergamoth was also oily on my tongue, which was unpleasant.  I felt like the whole tea was just oozing over my tongue.  My other complaint is that I like reusing my tea leaves a couple of times, but this tea just can’t handle anything more than one boiling.

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s decaf, and that process somehow alters how teas taste, but this tea was a disappointment.  I’m only drinking it now because I feel bad about having bought it and not drinking it.


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