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Earl Grey Supreme

November 1, 2008

Today’s Tea: Upton Tea Import‘s Earl Grey Supreme

Selected by: goodtea

I got to know the Earl through a mutual friend of ours, the Lady Grey. The Lady and I don’t see each other very often anymore, but the memories of our citrus-scented, flower-petalled days remain in my heart with fondness. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

The Earl lacks the delicacy of his lady friend, but his straightforward approach is of a gentlemanly sort. He’s a bit of a dandy, you know. I can usually smell his bergamot perfume from some distance. There have been times when Earl seemed to be all pomp and no substance (ahem, Tazo Earl Grey), but Earl Grey Supreme seems to remember to tone things down a little. Like I said, he’s a gentlemen.

This particular Earl Grey from Upton claims to be a bit lighter on the bergamot than other blends. It doesn’t feel like I’m sticking my nose into a bottle of perfume when I drink it, which is good. But any less bergamot and I might not recognize it as Earl Grey. Still, the actual tea beneath all that citrus is quite delicious with a nice, solid, yet refreshing taste that seems to evaporate on the tongue. The only problem is that a sip of this tea immediately raises the expectation that somewhere nearby, a nicely dressed waiter is preparing to offer me a tray of delectable baked goods to have with my beverage. It’s that kind of tea.

A cup of Earl Grey makes me feel very far away from my current troubles–it brings back memories of cozy afternoons in my apartment, or lazy evenings at a cafe with a dear friend, or even productive, purpose-filled days at work. That’s why the Earl often accompanies me when I need to get things done. His caffeinated presence helps me get through the day, and his soothing warmth calms me down when work threatens to overwhelm me. And that hint of aristocratic elegance just makes everything better.

Conclusion: Earl Grey is a slightly foppish but most delightful friend to have around, no matter the circumstances.


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